Create a time management system tailored to you to ensure effectiveness and efficiency without sacrificing what is important and enjoyable to you. Proven and easy to implement methods.


I’ve prepared for you a course that gathers in one place several years of experience in time management as a project manager, manager, freelancer, trainer and finally business owner. And besides, a father of two children framed in the care of a dog.


Through this course

  • You will create a system that fits you
  • Free yourself from the guilt of “I’m not up to it again”
  • Limit the stress of constantly changing plans
  • You will put up a barrier to drop-ins and unexpected tasks that ruin your schedule
  • You will improve your standing with your boss (if you have one)
  • You will master the excess of tasks, which are always too many and there is not enough time
  • You will regain peace of mind because you will trust that you have a good plan
  • You will stop reacting to events and start shaping them for yourself


It won’t do itself. That much is obvious. It will take work, but why can it work?

  • Because I show what works! I’ve gone through these methods from my college days, to “managing” in a corporation, to running my own business that changes non-stop
  • Because I show you the tools to implement it right away. You’ll practice each of the elements I talk about
  • Because it’s not just techniques! It’s very important. Many people fail to embrace reality because you need to look at the bigger picture than just one day. You need to look at the meaning of what you’re doing.  And we’re going to do that


AND VERY VERY IMPORTANT! The philosophy of this course and the way it works is not candy! I am not promising that you will have time for everything from now on. Nor that you will become a Nobel Prize-winning titan overnight. Nor that there will be no more problems with large amounts of assignments, drop-ins, or emergencies.


I assume that you operate in an environment that

  • Is chaotic – not very organized and planned, so you land up with “yesterday’s tasks”
  • Has your time somewhere – everything is important except what is important to you. Your tasks are often done last
  • It constantly wants something – tasks appear from different places and there are more and more of them


And for such an environment this system is prepared. You will learn

  • Assess what is worth addressing to see real change
  • Set priorities, even when everything is important and yesterday
  • Talk to your supervisor about work rules so you are not in ASAP mode and “everything yesterday is too late anyway”
  • Eliminate tasks before they appear on your “To Do” list
  • Cope with too many tasks at the same time
  • Select those tasks that will provide the most value
  • Plan your day taking unforeseen circumstances into account
  • Schedule tasks, and by the way you will see why a “To Do” list is not enough
  • Effectively work through the day even when there are distractions
  • Plan the week and the week ahead
  • Plan your week and follow that plan
  • Use a flipped schedule to make time for the things you love that don’t have room for


This course is

  • 12 video lessons
  • A template with 6 exercises
  • 20 years of experience pumped into every minute of video


Where this system works and for whom it is effective

  • Managers – for embracing your goals, working with your team and loved ones you need to take care of. And carving out time for your hobbies
  • Business owners – for reigning in the fact that it’s not the company that has you, but you that has the company
  • Project managers – for completing tasks that support project work, after all, you’re not just checking statuses, you have work to do
  • For people simply – I am in each of these roles. And besides, I’m a person who likes to hang out with friends, go for a run, read, or get away for a few days to reset. Not to mention catching up on gaming or series on Netflix ;) I want to have time for that. And I have thanks to this system.

I cordially invite you. Check it out. You do not risk anything, and you can gain a lot.

I give you a guarantee for this course. If you start to implement something and it doesn’t work, write to me at and I will tell you what you are doing wrong ;), because this system works.

Okay, seriously. I will tell you what to do and answer any questions you may have. I care about your success.


Mariusz Kapusta