Free course "Learn the 12 Questions KISS PM® Method"

Rising costs, lost profits, overtime and frustration. This is the picture of most ongoing projects. You are heroically trying to deliver on time something that has been out of control for a long time. It's too much, too general and on top of that everything is changing all the time! You've had enough and you'd like to close the project because it wasn't meant to be! Sound familiar?

Free course "Learn the 12 Questions KISS PM® Method"

Is this course for you?

Repeated problems will begin to disappear, because you will know how to prevent them and how to solve them. You will no longer feel the heat wave at the very sound of words "I have a new project for you", finally you will be the lord and master of this undertaking.

  • You will master the project. You will finally feel that you manage the projects and not they manage you
  • You will learn what are the most common causes of failure and how to easily avoid such situations.
  • You will learn to look at a project holistically
  • You'll learn why some projects don't work out

What will you receive as part of the course?

  • Receive a discount code for free access to the online course "Learn the KISS PM® 12 Question Method"
  • Additionally, you can always contact us, we are at your service. Do you have any doubts or maybe some problem with applying the knowledge from the 12 questions course? Write to us, we will gladly answer on the blog

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Kto dopilnuje?

Mariusz kapusta
Project Management Expert I have a lot of papers to confirm that :), e.g. PMP, ACP, Professional Scrum Master. I have been conducting projects since 1998, and since 2001 also international ones.However, I am backed up by more than just the papers. I am the creator of the KISS PM method I like simplicity, and solutions based on millions of forms have never worked, so something simple has been created. I am the author of the book "Step-by-step project management" Writing gives me pleasure, and in the case of this book it turned out that readers like what I have written.

What can be particularly helpful?

Reserve some time to review the lessons

It will be especially beneficial for you if you set aside some time to read the lessons carefully and work on them. It will certainly give a better result than reading the lessons hanging on one hand in a streetcar or in some other equally uncomfortable place. Focus and find a moment, then the course will give a much better result.

Start putting knowledge into practice right away

The best thing you can do is to start applying the knowledge you've just learned into practice right away. Apply what you have learned in your project. You will judge yourself to what extent the course helps you.

Write to us with any questions

If you have any questions or concerns then write to us. We love to answer them on our blog

Get back on course when you need to

The course is unlimited in time so that you always have it with you and come back to it when you need it.

Free course "Learn the 12 Questions KISS PM® Method"

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and receive a code for free access to
to the "Learn the 12 Questions KISS PM® Method" course

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