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Training "Foundation
Project Management" training course

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Training "Project management
projects in HR"

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Implementation of management

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What problems we solve
We accelerate product launch
How much turnover do you get in a week, too little right? Think you can get your products to market faster. Faster by 4,8,12,26 weeks...
We increase profits
You may not know it, but you are able to do at least 20% more than you do now, how much more money will that be ? :)
We increase employee autonomy
We teach your employees design thinking, which means a greater understanding of the company's work and much, much fewer mistakes
Restoring control
By having your team provide you with the information you need, you will make better decisions
We motivate
We will not force people to work, we will make them want to work themselves :) We will show how to arrange the project, so that work gave satisfaction and was not associated with an unpleasant duty and evasion evasion of responsibility

12 Question Method

How complicated can simple things get? It turns out..,

very! Nonstop around to the simple question “How do I do this?” I get the answer – You have to ask yourself a million questions and get a PhD in the field to be able to do anything about it. Seriously? Do you need to know how a TV works to watch a show, or is a remote control enough for you?


The KISS PM™ 12 question method is what sets us apart from our competitors the most. Everybody praises their product but we do not shout that 12 KISS PM™ questions are better than PMBOK, than SCRUM or PRINCE… What is more, we do not think so but we can guarantee that 12 Questions KISS PM™ is easier than any other project management method. It explains in simple terms what project management is all about and shows you what to do to start well and finish well.

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We have the biggest project management YouTube channel

About us

We deal comprehensively with the subject of project management. We conduct open and closed trainings, conduct audit/diagnosis of project management in a company/organization, deal with implementation of project management and project management tools. Our approach is based on simple, effective and customized project management according to proven KISS PM 12 questions method..


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    Opinions about us

    The methodology of conducting the training, the workshop forms used, discussions, work in subgroups or simulation games met with great appreciation of the training participants.  We are very satisfied with the cooperation with Magdalena Robak and the Leadership Center team. Ms. Magdalena has extensive knowledge on team management skills and can convey it in an accessible and interesting way. We recommend Magdalena Robak and Leadership Center as a valuable partner for cooperation in the field of training.

    Dakoma Sp. z o.o.

    As your customer, we can highly recommend co-operation with you. Although we have conducted many stages of our project of standard development on our own, we have been in constant contact with the coach who has supported us and encouraged us to take the next steps. You can see a focus on keeping the customer satisfied and on implementing the most reasonable solution at the time, rather than wanting to sell more of your products to a satisfied customer “alongside” the process. We like the flexibility but also the creativity and the drive to develop the Leadership Center (e.g. the “12 questions” e-learning course). I heartily recommend Mr. Mariusz Kapusta and Leadership Center as a valuable partner for cooperation in the field of project management.

    Constantia Teich Poland Sp. z o.o.

    They trusted us