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Have you reached a limit where it’s hard to move on without some sort of project management tool? You’ve already looked on your own, but it’s hard for you to judge what will be good, because there are just too many of them? Have you tried to implement something on your own, but it didn’t work because “something” was missing? We have a proposal for you – we will choose a tool for you!


We will check how project management looks like in your organization. What do you use, what works, what doesn’t work. We will determine what you care about and what you want to achieve. We will determine what security constraints you have. Check what you need now, what you might need in the future. We’ll make a list of the most important criteria. And we’ll search through the tools available to you to choose the ones that best meet your needs.

How we can help you

There are a huge number of tools. And it is very difficult for a person, who is not an expert in the subject, to compare them with each other, basing only on descriptions. Which are often, as it were, quite "selective". At the same time it is very easy to be seduced by a nice description, while the devil is in the details. You need to spend a lot of energy and time to go deep into the tool, check the functionality, advantages, disadvantages. And then choose the one that works best for you.

Dostaniesz od nas:

  • Needs analysis
  • Set of criteria for tool comparison
  • Report on the analyzed tools
  • Suggest up to 3 that best fit you and your organization
  • With the recommendations we make, but you choose at the end

A po wyborze narzędzia, nie zostawiamy Cię samego. Pomożemy Ci:

  • Run the tool
  • Train the team
  • Implement the right process and approach

So that the investment starts working for itself quickly.If this is the topic for you. Are you looking for a tool for yourself, want to choose well then contact us.


We’ll check how the situation looks like, what you use and we’ll make an offer. And you will decide what to do next :)

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On a date to be agreed individually
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Meet the trainer

Mariusz kapusta
Project Management Expert I have a lot of papers to confirm that :), e.g. PMP, ACP, Professional Scrum Master. I have been conducting projects since 1998, and since 2001 also international ones.However, I am backed up by more than just the papers. I am the creator of the KISS PM method I like simplicity, and solutions based on millions of forms have never worked, so something simple has been created. I am the author of the book "Step-by-step project management" Writing gives me pleasure, and in the case of this book it turned out that readers like what I have written.


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