Who is this training for?

During numerous meetings with persons working in HR it turned out that HR professionals face the same problems as their internal customers! After all, the trend towards being an HR Business Partner makes it necessary to act as a project partner and to know:


  • How to arrange the project so that it is realistic to implement?
  • How to involve those who do not want to get involved?
  • How to control dependencies within the project?
  • How to manage risk to come out as a winner?


That is why the idea of project management training for HR was born.


Basically, we want to give you the tools to be a partner for business.

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In the case of this training we decided to focus entirely on HR. Theoretically, anyone can take part in the first day session, but we want you to be able to concentrate on your field and exchange experiences with people who understand you well. That is why we planned and designed this training for:

  • HR Directors who have not participated in project management training, so that they can organize their knowledge in a systematic manner
  • HR managers managing projects who are responsible for planning and implementation, so that they can be a partner for business
  • HR specialists participating in the projects, so that they can effectively carry out their tasks

What will you learn at the training?

Basically, we want to give you the tools to be a partner for business. HR is often perceived as a cost centre (just like IT) and it is difficult to break through with good ideas.


A well-prepared project and professional work will make many things easier. Sometimes HR is chosen to help with “controlling” projects for IT. It is a good idea to learn from those who live it in practice, but these are two very different worlds. There’s a lot of things that can’t be translated on a 1:1 basis.


This training is meant to teach you: How to plan a project in 30 minutes? How to involve the most important persons in the project? How to prevent threats? How to drive, check and control the project, so that your endeavours can end in success?

Benefits of training for participants and organisations

  • Reduction of costs within already tight budgets
  • Reduction of working time needed for tasks
  • Perfectly prepared projects
  • Reduction of the projects implementation time
  • Reduction of costs of implemented projects
  • Preparing HR employees for a leading role in projects that change the organisation
  • Robust, proven knowledge of the project management process
  • Improved project planning and independent work skills
  • Knowledge of project planning and control tools
  • Ability to organize work on multiple projects
  • Improved predictive and problem solving skills

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Day 1: The foundation of HR project management


Introduction to project management


how to know that we deal with a project? What do you need to consider in your project work? What are the most common mistakes made and how to avoid them? What are the proven methods, standards and methodologies of project management? Which of them can be applied to HR? You will learn the assumptions of the KISS PM (Keep It Simple Smart) method, which helps to quickly manage the situation within the project.


Planning and implementation of a project


what should be included in the plan so that it may help and will not interfere? How does the schedule differ from the project plan? What is the difference between a zombie course and a project manager course? What to do when the plan stops working? How to involve the key persons in the project? How to control it? You will get to know the PM House model, which will help you plan your project quickly and easily.


Managing multiple projects


how to deal with them when you are overwhelmed? How to control multiple projects and reconcile them with time and resource constraints? How to have arguments for or against the project ;)? How to view your work from a strategic perspective?

Day 2: HR project management practice


Problem solving in projects


PM Solver – i.e. a tool to solve all project problems. Thanks to it you will learn to evaluate which of the four problem levels is your challenge and you will get acquainted with the tools to deal with each of them.


Tips & Tricks for HR projects


that is practice, practice and once again practice, based on the experience of the HR Director and project implementation. How to involve others? How to build a position in relation to other key persons? How not just survive, but win in HR projects?

Date and location of training Date and location of training

For how much?
2 400 zł

Meet the trainer

Mariusz kapusta
Project Management Expert I have a lot of papers to confirm that :), e.g. PMP, ACP, Professional Scrum Master. I have been conducting projects since 1998, and since 2001 also international ones.However, I am backed up by more than just the papers. I am the creator of the KISS PM method I like simplicity, and solutions based on millions of forms have never worked, so something simple has been created. I am the author of the book "Step-by-step project management" Writing gives me pleasure, and in the case of this book it turned out that readers like what I have written.


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    Opinions about us

    HR Project Management was the training I was looking for- solutions tailored to the specific needs of work in HR, 2 days of knowledge and practice dose that I use in my current work. The project language is very helpful. I have also benefited from strategic advice from Mariusz Kapusta (such as information on who owns the budget, how to eliminate tasks that we will not perform and which arguments to use to achieve the goal), not to mention the project basis like the schedule I use in my current work - not only within the project, but also to illustrate ongoing processes, tasks and their deadlines. I think most HR professionals will benefit from the added value of this training - it helps to communicate with the business and to better understand business language, especially if you work with project groups. Even if you do not run your projects on a daily basis but you participate in project groups, you will also benefit from this training. You will be a more conscious participant in the project, who can bring more added value by understanding the specific characteristics of project work.

    Monika Jaśkielewicz, HR Business Partner, ATM S.A. (Atman)

    The training "HR Project Management" organized by Koźminski University and conducted by Mr. Mariusz Kapusta brought positive changes in our company. The training and thus the applied KISS PM ™ 12 question method helped our company to achieve the intended goal, thus enabling us to notice important elements that were not visible before. The important part of the training is the individual approach of the coach, who listens to the problem of the company and helps to find a solution. Mr. Mariusz's professional and individual approach allows us to recommend training in HR Project Management.

    Sylwia Chałupczyńska, Project Manager, MasterHR Sp. z o.o.

    When a person learns to manage projects simply by doing them, he or she collects a lot of information and skills, but lacks the time to arrange and structure them. The training I attended (HR Project Management) gave me time to reflect on what I already know and what I don't know: it allowed me to organize my knowledge in a systematic manner and gave it more sense. I realized that a good Project Manager should sometimes ask uncomfortable questions and sometimes "kill the project" for the sake of the organization. He will not win this popularity poll by doing so, but he will save the organization a lot of unnecessary activities and investments. The art of project management is not only "taking up" projects but also the courage not to "take them up”.

    IKEA Business Service Center Sp. z o.o.

    As your customer, we can highly recommend co-operation with you. Although we have conducted many stages of our project of standard development on our own, we have been in constant contact with the coach who has supported us and encouraged us to take the next steps. You can see a focus on keeping the customer satisfied and on implementing the most reasonable solution at the time, rather than wanting to sell more of your products to a satisfied customer "alongside” the process. We like the flexibility but also the creativity and the drive to develop the Leadership Center (e.g. the "12 questions” e-learning course). I heartily recommend Mr. Mariusz Kapusta and Leadership Center as a valuable partner for cooperation in the field of project management.

    Constantia Teich Poland Sp. z o.o.

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