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Unfortunately, I am aware we are not able to describe everything that we would like to on the website :(. There are plans to describe every case and every situation we have been dealing with, or the ideas on how our competences can become useful. The problem is that there is always some business to save and that is what we focus on.


If you are interested in something particular and you think there is a chance we can do something together, please let us know.


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    icon Twarda 44, 00-831 Warszawa
    +48 507 548 922 biuro@leadership-center.pl

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    Mieliśmy przyjemność współpracować z firmą Leadership Center oraz Panem Mariuszem Kapustą podczas projektu doradczo-szkoleniowego związanego z doskonaleniem metodologii zarządzania projektami w naszej spółce.

    Pan Mariusz w naszej ocenie to profesjonalista i pasjonat zarządzania projektami. Merytorycznie i w praktyczny sposób potrafił przekazać sposób efektywnego prowadzenia portfela w naszej firmie. Przy wsparciu Leadership Center przenieśliśmy nasze środowisko PM na wyższy poziom.

    Wysoko oceniamy sobie współpracę z firmą Leadership Center i Panem Mariuszem Kapustą oraz szczerze polecamy go jako partnera biznesowego.

    Prezes Zarządu Bella Sp. z o.o.

    Dariusz Kostkowski

    The Leadership-Center team conducted an analysis of the company’s development needs with the involvement of key people in the organization. The key element was a strategy workshop. An audit was conducted, and based on the results of the audit, workshop modules were planned in areas such as management by objectives, management of improvement initiatives/projects, strategic and operational information flow, process management, process creation and improvement, delegation of tasks and authority, and building relationships with colleagues to support participation. A total of 8 workshop days, i.e. 54 h, were conducted. The training sessions were carried out at the highest level of content, while the trainers showed great commitment and the ability to transfer knowledge in a form that was understandable to participants. A great atmosphere and motivation on the part of the Leadership-Center Team resulted in the fact that all participants were eager to assimilate new knowledge and left the training with concrete solutions and ready-made improvements to implement. We are pleased to recommend Leadership-Center as a reliable and competent partner in cooperation in the field of training.

    KIK Sp. z o.o.

    The methodology of conducting the training, the workshop forms used, discussions, work in subgroups or simulation games met with great appreciation of the training participants.  We are very satisfied with the cooperation with Magdalena Robak and the Leadership Center team. Ms. Magdalena has extensive knowledge on team management skills and can convey it in an accessible and interesting way. We recommend Magdalena Robak and Leadership Center as a valuable partner for cooperation in the field of training.

    Dakoma Sp. z o.o.

    As your customer, we can highly recommend co-operation with you. Although we have conducted many stages of our project of standard development on our own, we have been in constant contact with the coach who has supported us and encouraged us to take the next steps. You can see a focus on keeping the customer satisfied and on implementing the most reasonable solution at the time, rather than wanting to sell more of your products to a satisfied customer “alongside” the process. We like the flexibility but also the creativity and the drive to develop the Leadership Center (e.g. the “12 questions” e-learning course). I heartily recommend Mr. Mariusz Kapusta and Leadership Center as a valuable partner for cooperation in the field of project management.

    Constantia Teich Poland Sp. z o.o.

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