Who is this training for?

During the project management training we have been organizing for many years, we have been collecting participants’ opinions on their needs. It turned out that most often they simply wanted to learn the best project management practices in a quick and efficient manner without unnecessary bureaucracy. Very often the participants also reported that they already had had some knowledge on project management but were not able to “put it together” on their own. The training was designed to meet the two most frequent needs of the participants.


  • You will learn best practices in project management quickly and efficiently.
  • You will organize your knowledge in a systematic manner
  • You will harmonize project management standards in your company


The project management training programme includes best practices from recognised standards and methodologies (PMBOK®, Prince 2, SCRUM) that can be readily applied.

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The training has been designed in such a way that it can be best adapted to the participants’ needs. We modify the scope and difficulty of the case study carried out during the training, depending on the scope of responsibility, knowledge and professional experience. The training works very well for:

  • Managers and functional managers who manage projects or supervise project managers
  • Project Managers who start work in this position or will soon take on such responsibility
  • Management staff, supervising the implementation of projects in the organisation

What will you learn at the training on project management?

You will learn how to plan your project and all its stages properly

It is very important to learn to plan all stages of the project properly; without a good plan there is no good action. So we teach a sound foundation from which every project can be started

You will learn how to work on several projects simultaneously

Working on several projects simultaneously is a nightmare for many employees. We try to acquaint you with project management to such an extent that you may no longer view simultaneous work on several projects as a nightmare, but as an interesting challenge.

You will adapt project management tools to the specific characteristics of your work

Employees of different companies have different specific characteristics of their work. We understand this and we know how important it is to adapt tools to specific needs and working styles. We know that what works for some will be completely useless to others.

You will learn project monitoring and control techniques.

We teach not only how to plan but also how to control the project effectively, and how to monitor it in an efficient way. Without monitoring, you don't know what has actually been (or not have been) done.

Benefits of training for participants and organisations

  • Increased autonomy of training participants
  • Improved control over tasks
  • Reduction of time and costs of implemented projects
  • Project management tools tailored to the organization
  • Reporting on training efficiency and a thorough needs analysis
  • Robust, proven knowledge of the project management process
  • Improved project planning and independent work skills
  • Knowledge of project planning and control tools
  • Ability to organize work on multiple projects
  • Improved predictive and problem solving skills

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Check the course plan

Day 1


1. Introduction to project management


  1. “The first page” – an introductory exercise on project management
  2. The greatest problems in project management
  3. Best practices in project implementation


2. Essentials of project management


  1. Basic concepts
  2. Project life cycle and project management cycle
  3. Starting and planning the project
  4. What should the project plan contain?
  5. Time management within the project- creating a realistic schedule
  6. Exercise: creating a project plan (WBS, a schedule)


3. How to find time for a project and deal with problems during the implementation


  1. How to create an individual action plan resistant to changes in the organization
  2. Prioritization for multiple projects
  3. Exercise: creating an individual map of projects for their implementation


4. Project planning by participants


  1. Each participant, using the tools that he/she has learnt, starts to create a plan for the implemented project
  2. The coach gives feedback and directs the participants


5. Training summary


  1. Selection of key techniques for practical application on a daily basis.
  2. Individual action plan and defining homework

Day 2


1. Essentials of project management


  1. Project risk management – identification of opportunities and threats for the project and creation of an action plan related to it
  2. Exercise: creation of a project plan (WBS, schedule, responsibility, risk)


2. Involving key persons in the project.


  1. Key persons involved in the project – Stakeholder Register
  2. Identification of the needs and involving key persons
  3. Motivating the project team
  4. Enforcing the results
  5. Conflict resolution in project
  6. Practical assertiveness, i.e. how to take care of relations and be efficient
  7. Exercise: creating a strategy of engaging key persons in the project


3. How to find time for a project and deal with problems during the implementation


  1. Overview of key techniques of time management
  2. Individual efficiency- planning your own work, dealing with “inserts”, what to do in the case of change of priorities and workload
  3. How to eat the frog, i.e. deal with tasks that nobody wants to do
  4. Team efficiency- principles of efficient teamwork, meetings and efficient e-mails


4. Training summary

Date and location of training

For how much?
2 400 zł

Meet the trainer

Mariusz kapusta
Project Management Expert I have a lot of papers to confirm that :), e.g. PMP, ACP, Professional Scrum Master. I have been conducting projects since 1998, and since 2001 also international ones.However, I am backed up by more than just the papers. I am the creator of the KISS PM method I like simplicity, and solutions based on millions of forms have never worked, so something simple has been created. I am the author of the book "Step-by-step project management" Writing gives me pleasure, and in the case of this book it turned out that readers like what I have written.


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    Opinions about us

    Mr. Mariusz has extensive knowledge and experience in the areas of the conducted training. The practical aspect of PM knowledge and tools offered by Mr. Mariusz deserve special emphasis. The training sessions were purely workshop-based and pragmatic. They contained a minimum of theory, conveyed in a very accessible way. The PM tools and techniques proposed to the participants were perfectly matched to the specific characteristics and size of real projects carried out by employees, and were successfully implemented by the participants immediately after the training. The participants of his training sessions emphasized the extraordinary simplicity and effectiveness of offered solutions.

    Polska Sp. z o.o.

    Leadership Center has been selected from among many other companies thanks to its outstanding attention to needs analysis and its knowledge of our products and industry. After an in-depth needs analysis, a workshop adapted to the profile of participants and the needs of our organization was designed. The workshop was conducted in a professional manner; Mr. Mariusz won respect and trust of the participants while ensuring a pleasant and creative atmosphere. After the workshop, Leadership Center conducted an evaluation. We appreciate the exceptional commitment and concern for the result. In our opinion, Leadership Center is a valuable partner in the field of training. We can certainly recommend it to other companies.

    Techland Sp. z o.o.

    Thanks to the interactive form and adaptation of the content of the training to the specific characteristics of the company, the participants were able to develop a coherent action plan as well as ways of monitoring and controlling their work in just one day in order with the view to implementing them immediately. The training gave the participants not only specific tools, but also made them aware of the relationship between good planning and project implementation. We recommend cooperation with Leadership Center, since it is a company that provides professional solutions in an interesting and effective way.

    JTI Polska Sp. z o.o.

    We recommend Leadership Center and coach Mariusz Kapusta as reliable partners. Mr. Kapusta is a practitioner and he provided many examples; together with the trainees, he analysed current cases in our organization. The employees with long-time experience also had a great opportunity to reflect on important elements of conducting projects that are forgotten on a daily basis.

    CompFort/Meridian Polska Sp. z o.o.

    Thanks to the programme, team communication has improved, we have learned to make better use of our strengths and we enhanced knowledge sharing. We have changed our way of working by increasing the involvement of individual team members in our projects, thus achieving better results. We have started to cooperate more effectively within sub-teams and project groups. We recommend Leadership Center and coach Mariusz Kapusta as reliable partners due to his exceptional creativity and commitment to preparing and adapting the program to our needs, his professional, results-oriented approach and the ability to translate theory into practical solutions.

    Kompania Piwowarska SA

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    Leadership Center jest członkiem Polskiej Izby Firm Szkoleniowych - największej organizacji zrzeszającej firmy szkoleniowe i doradcze w Polsce. Stanowi to potwierdzenie stosowania przez Leadership Center Kodeksu Dobrych Praktyk PIFS, który jest wspólnym mianownikiem jakościowym członków PIFS.

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